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Meet our instructors

Lauren Robinson

What skill do you teach? I teach Skiing  

What qualification do you have? I am a BASI Level 1 Instructor 

When was your first Snowsports experience and where? My first Snowsports experience was when I was 8 and it was in Germany 

What’s the best thing about being an instructor at The Snow Centre? The best thing about being an instructor at The Snow Centre is the sense of fulfilment i get when i see the people i teach progress, as well as the family like community i am part of as an instructor. 

One single tip you would give to anyone taking part in Snowsports…. Don’t give up! 

Funniest Snowsports memory? My funniest Snowsports memory would have to be watching one of our friends getting his backpack stuck on the Chairlift and watching him start to be carried back down the mountain dangling underneath by his backpack, thankfully he didn’t get too far before the lift was stopped. :) 

The word from the slopes

  • “Love it here. Great slope and the staff are really friendly. Also love the Alpine bar and viewing area. So pleased to have it back.”

  • “Incredible welcome and help from the staff! First trip back since before lockdown and it was well worthwhile. Lovely welcome and talk through the new set up. Then my son had an issue with his own kit and the guys couldn’t have been more helpful - very kind and very knowledgeable. The snow as good as ever and the cafe a good finish to a great time. Thank you all!”

  • “The Hemel ski centre has a great atmosphere, the instructors are friendly and helpful, it’s just an all round really well run place”

  • “Had a great time at the snow centre, went once before lockdown and was good to be back. I had a one on one lesson which was good but went too quickly. I’ll try to book two lessons on the same day so I can keep up with progress. It was all well managed and seemed to have good Covid measures in place.”