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We’re excited to announce we’ve teamed up with Intersport to offer our guests discounted ski and snowboard hire this winter season!

What is Ski or Snowboard Hire “In Resort”?

We have a deal with the amazing Intersport chain of rental stores. There are over 700 Intersport stores in the Alps and Pyrenees alone, and this network means you can simply book the equipment that you need online before you travel, and then pick up your ski or snowboard equipment in the resort.

In many resorts there are more than one Intersport, so there’s always a shop near your accommodation.

And of course, you don’t need to buy skis here in the UK or pay expensive airline baggage fees to transport them out to the mountains

How Does it Work?

You simply book online, choosing equipment that you want, then travel hands-free, walk into the store when you arrive, and because you’re on the system they will have your equipment pre-prepared and you can take it away with you there and then. The whole process should take less than five minutes.

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Where Can I get Ski Or Snowboard Equipment?

There are over 700 Intersport stores across the Alps and Pyrenees, so whichever resort you’re going to, there’s likely to be an Intersport store.

Just click here to access your exclusive TSC discount from our partners at Intersport

How Much Does it Cost?

Prices vary depending on what model of ski or snowboard you choose, and which package, and over which holiday period. But Intersport’s average price per day was less than €10 for a full package of skis and boots for an adult. Kids prices are usually less than half that.

What If My Boots Don’t Fit?

Intersport have feet scanners - amazing technology that will scan your feet in 3D and tell our boot fitters what ‘volume’ your foot is and therefore what is the best boot fit offered. Intersport now offer fewer actual different models of boots, but within those models there are more options for different shaped feet ‘fits’. After all, no two feet are the same (even on the same person!)

The Intersport boot-fitters will therefore find you a great fitting boot. All boots are brand new each winter so it’ll be nice and fresh too. Plus, you are of course free to swap and change as many times as you like to find that perfect “slipper” pair of boots. You can even have the boots custom fitted (why not add a custom insole, that’s keepable after your rental? Or have the boot outer shell expanded if you have a problem area such as a bunion or bone-spur?). Whatever your needs, Intersport have experts on hand to fix any problems.

With snowboard boots, the problems are usually less severe and the principle remains the same. You try on as many boots as you need until the golden slipper is found!

What if I Have My Own Skis or Snowboard?

Intersport have most mountain equipment you need, from skis, poles, snowboards, boots, avalanche equipment (shovels, avi-packs, transceivers), to backcountry touring skis, split boards, skins, crampons, snow-shoes, sledges etc etc. You’re free to rent any or all of the packages, which include poles, boots, helmet and extras. It’s all available online and of course you can upgrade in store or leave things from your pack that you don’t need. Full flexibility is part of the Intersport service!

Do you have Helmets, Poles and Things Like That?

Absolutely! Intersport has everything you need to get on the mountain.

What If I Rent The Wrong Kind Of Equipment?

There’s no such thing! And with Intersport, you’re free to swap and change your equipment as many times as you like. Have your own ski test even! So if you get to resort and it’s dumping, just rent some powder skis. If you prefer a piste day, swap for some carving skis. Or why not take out some twintips for a day in the park? With Intersport you can swap and change as the conditions demand, or as your wish takes you!

Can I Change to a Snowboard or Skis for the Day?

Yup! And vice versa. There may be a small upgrade fee if you swap package bands (eg: if you book the beginner blue package, there’s a small upgrade fee if you wish to swap for the Gold Expert package skis) but otherwise you’re free to talk with the shop and try out every ski or snowboard in the store!

Can I buy the Ski Equipment if I like It?

Of course - but not the rental equipment until the end of the winter! What a lot of Intersport customers do is try on lots of different ski boots until they find one that’s a pretty good fit, and then they buy that model and have it fully custom fit, which gives them the assurance that they found the base model which is the best fit for their foot, and then the custom fitting means that they’re getting the closest thing to a perfect ski boot possible. Lots of customers even buy and use custom insoles in their rental boots too - and you can take the insole with you when you return the boots. The cost of the rental would come off the custom fitting and purchase. And a custom insole is normally around €40 to buy and have the machine mould it to your foot.

Ok, I’m Sold. How What Do I Do Next?


Just click here to access your exclusive TSC discount from our partners at Intersport.

The word from the slopes

  • “Easy access from M1. Plenty of parking, simple registration, and quick service to collect skis, boots etc. Both lifts serving the main slopes worked faultlessly and although the session was quite busy I felt the slopes were quite free of other skiers & classes. I particularly liked the snow conditions and at the end enjoyed the amazing cafè overlooking the slopes. Reasonably priced menu. All told an excellent start to our skiing this year.”

  • “Very friendly staff. Good, clean facilities and very good prices on lessons & lift passes.”

  • “Very helpful staff would recommend to anyone trying to learn snow sports very down to earth people.”

  • “Great place, nothing negative to add. You can rent all of the equipment down to socks. Any kind of lessons available. Parking, gear store, cafe on site”

  • “Great lessons with experienced instructors who put kids and parents at their ease. The lessons were full as it was half term, but each child still didn’t have to wait too long between turns on the slope. It was easy to get and return equipment and the food in the restaurant was great and came promptly.”

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