Freestyle or Slopestyle at The Snow Centre.

At The Snow Centre, our park team, build a range of different parks, incorporating advanced, progressive and beginner freestyle features such as boxes, rails and kickers, to allow as many of you as possible to get creative with your Snowsports skills.

To take part in Freestyle it is important to have already achieved a good standard of skiing or snowboarding. In line with The Snow Centre Level system we recommend that you have completed Level 5. At this level you will be a versatile skier or snowboarder able to create varied turn shapes and have accomplished or be ready to learn flatland tricks.

Flatland tricks, such as Ollies and 180’s are performed on the slope without the use of features and are the introductory foundation for performing tricks on features. Our Freestyle Fundamentals Coaching Clinics are ideal for learning flatland tricks and boosting progression onto the features. Once you have your Flatland Tricks in hand, our intermediate and advanced Freestyle Coaching Clinics are ideal for progressing your skills on the features. Then when you’re ready to go it alone you can visit our Freestyle Parks on Thursday and Friday evenings on a Freestyle Lift Pass.

Keep up to date with what features are out on our slopes with our weekly Thursday and Friday Park Plans.


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