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What to wear to an indoor ski centre

1 November 2023

Are unsure on what to wear to an indoor slope?

Are you getting ready for your first ski trip to the mountains and getting some practice in at your local indoor ski centre?

Be prepared and read through this article which breaks down essentials for indoor skiing and snowboarding.

How many layer should I wear skiing or snowboarding?

The most important thing is to consider what layers to wear, you also need to consider that you are indoors so will not have weather to factor in when deciding how many layers to wear. We recommend to wrap up warm and start with base layers to wear underneath your other clothing. Here at The Snow Centre Hemel Hempstead the indoor snow temperature is generally around -2, as people feel the cold differently this will depend on how many layers you want to wear. The activity you are participating in can also affect how many layers you need to wear. If you are on a Ski Lesson or Snowboard Lesson you will be more active than someone on a Lift Pass.

Typically guests will wear a base layer, thin jumper with salopettes and a jacket. It is definitely better to have one too many layers on as it is easier to take a jumper off and leave it in a locker than not have enough layers on and be too cold on our real snow slopes. Make sure you are only wearing one pair of warm long socks – wearing multiple socks can ruck and become uncomfortable. If you do not have any socks they can be purchased at Reception for £6.

Do I need to wear Ski trousers and a ski jacket?

Warm waterproof clothing is essential when on the slopes as they will keep you warm and dry. If you are learning or do not have your own ski or snowboard clothing; jackets and trousers are available to hire on site. You will also need gloves/mittens – gloves can be purchased at The Snow Centre for £12. You don’t need goggles on our real snow indoor slope as there is no sun to cause problems! Pop into our on site Snow+Rock store to get yourslef some essentials. They have everything from socks, salopettes and ski jackets to ski boots / snowboard boots and skis / snowboards! Show your Lift Pass to get 10% off in store!

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Helmets are compulsory for all on-snow activities at The Snow Centre. You can bring your own Snowsports helmet if you have one or you can hire one for FREE when collecting equipment at the rental desk.

Is equipment included with my Lesson or Lift Pass?

If you are skiing or snowboarding and have your own boots, you can bring these with you and we can fit them to our skis or snowboards. Boots are FREE to hire if you do not have your own. If you have your own skis or snowboards you can bring this equipment with you, or you can borrow our rental equipment which is included with your lesson/lift pass price.

What should I wear for Freestyle night?

For those who are slightly more advanced and are participating in Freestyle or even starting flat land tricks it is recommended that you look into getting impact gear to protect yourself. Our Park & Slide nights are on most Thursday nights and over Summer we have Full Park Fridays on the last Friday of the month!

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