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The Benefits Skiing and Snowboarding has on your Mental Health

13 May 2023

For Mental Health Awareness Week we are doing more to spread the word on the health benefits of skiing and snowboarding. According to Mind there are several studies that prove taking part in physical activities can improve your mental health. At The Snow Centre Hemel Hempstead we have a range of activities to take part in from Skiing to riding down the Ringo Slide .


Health benefits of skiing and snowboarding:
Improves your health overall – like all physical activity, Snowsports can help reduce cholesterol levels, blood pressure, risk of diabetes or cardiovascular disease and other mental health problems. 

Great way to burn calories and strengthen muscles and your heart – Skiing and Snowboarding works a range of muscle groups and are great core workouts and also target your legs and lower body. The amount of calories you burn depends on where you are, the conditions and how long you are on the slopes for.

Boost to your mental health – Being outside and getting fresh air does great for your mental health and there’s nothing like the feeling of being on the mountain where it is so quiet you can only hear people carving their way down the mountain!

Being part of a community – a big part of Skiing and Snowboarding is how social it is. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to snowsports which is a great aspect, on the mountain or even in The Lodge you can see groups of teenagers mixing with people who are 60+ as they are sharing their love of the same sport!

Heading to the slopes be it a mountain an indoor snow slope  or even a dry slope is a great form of self care. On the mountain a bluebird day where you can soak in the sun and get a dose of vitamin D can improve your mood. At indoor ski centres the ability to ski so close to home whenever you want all year round or even after a long day at work can take the edge off and make you calmer and happier.


How can physical activity help?
The more physical activity you do can help achieve a better sleep as you will feel more tired at the end of the day. Physical activity can create happier moods due to the release of endorphins (feel-good) hormones that make you feel more positive and can result in more energy. It can also help manage anxiety, stress and more as being active gives you something to focus on! 

The more active you are the more you feel like you can do, in turn this can help with self-esteem as you are meeting goals that you have set for yourself i.e. 1 hour of exercise a day. The more you do this and feel better for doing it the more you will want to do and adapt your goal. Studies have shown that consistent activity can help reduce the likelihood of experiencing a period of depression. When doing physical activity it is better to do it as part of a group or a great way to meet new people and make new connections!

Take part in our Group Lessons  to meet new people or get yourself a Lift Pass  and make friends on our Main Slope and head up to The Lodge Bar & Kitchen  for something to eat and drink after your session!

Anxiety can become a mental health problem when it affects your ability to live day to day. Head over to Mind  to see how others talk about their anxiety problems and what coping mechanisms they use.