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How Much Does A Ski Holiday Cost?

22 January 2024

When you think about ski holidays, you likely imagine cosy chalet evenings, images of picturesque slopes, and endless amounts of fun. But you may also think about how much it is going to cost. So whether you’re a skiing enthusiast or you’re new to the sport and want to embark on a snow-dusted adventure, you need to know exactly how much it’ll cost. 

Working out how much a skiing holiday is going to set you back can seem like a daunting task. From lift passes to equipment rental and ski lessons, there are so many things to consider. So we have put together this checklist of all the expenses associated, as well as how to prepare effectively and what to expect when you hit the slopes. 

How much does a ski holiday cost?

If you’re considering a skiing holiday then you may be left wondering ‘how much is a skiing holiday going to cost me’? This is especially the case if you’re travelling as a couple or as a family. The best way to fully price up the cost of a skiing holiday is to break down the different expenses to make sure you have everything you need and are fully prepared. 

Flights and transportation

Of course, the cost of your skiing holiday will depend largely on what ski destination you want to go to. It is important that you decide this as soon as possible as the cost of getting there will have a huge impact on how much your overall trip costs. 

Some of the most popular ski resorts can be found in Europe, such as the French Alps or Switzerland. You may choose to venture further afield and check out the skiing options in the USA or Canada. 

With this in mind, flights to European destinations are more affordable depending on the time of year. For example, off-peak flights can be as cheap as £50 but during peak seasons can be £300+. You should also consider the cost of getting to and from the airport and you may decide to opt for a car rental to make getting around even easier. 


Another expense that comes with a skiing holiday is accommodation. The cost of somewhere to stay will vary depending on the resort you’re staying in and the type of accommodation you’re looking for. If you’re travelling on a budget then you can find basic lodges and hostels for around £50 per night, or go for mid-range hotels and chalets for around £100 to £300 a night. However, if you want to go all out then luxury resorts can have prices of around £500 per night.

Travel insurance

Before going on any trip, whether in this country or abroad, it is important that you get comprehensive travel insurance that protects you while you’re away. This is even more important when going on a skiing holiday so you should factor that into the cost of your overall trip. Depending on the type of coverage you may be looking at between £20 to £80 for a week’s insurance. 

Ski lessons

Whether you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to skiing or this is your first time jetting off to the slopes, you should factor in the cost of skiing lessons before you go. Skiing lessons aren’t just for beginners, and even those who have experience still benefit from a few recap lessons before heading off on their skiing holiday. 

If you’re looking for skiing lessons then look no further than The Snow Centre. As London’s closest indoor real snow slope, you can recap on your skills or start from scratch depending on what level of skier you are. 

The Snow Centre offers adult lessons for those of all abilities, from complete beginners to those who know the basics and want to improve their confidence on the slopes. Other ski lessons at The Snow Centre include group sessions, private lessons and even lessons for the kids that are perfect if you’re considering a family skiing trip. 

What to expect on the mountains 

While planning your trip and working out how much is a skiing holiday, you should also prepare yourself for what to expect when you reach your destination and hit the slopes. 

Different levels of slopes

When looking at the different skiing resorts you could visit you’ll find that most resorts categorise the slopes by their difficulty. This is important if you’re new to the slopes and want to find some time to find your slope. Here is a breakdown of the different slopes:

- Green - These are the easiest with gentle gradients that are ideal for beginners. 
- Blue - Still an easier terrain but a step up from green slopes. 
- Red - Steeper and more challenging terrains that offer an intermediate challenge. 
- Black - Advanced slopes that are steep and offer a more challenging terrain. 
- Double black diamond - Only found in some resorts, expert-only terrains. 

Now that you have all the information you need on how much your skiing holiday could cost, you can focus on perfecting your skills at The Snow Centre. If you have any more questions about the services available, contact the experts. Grab your lift pass and start your holiday prep today.

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