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Guess Who’s Joined The Snow Centre Freestyle Team?

5 June 2017
Snowboarder on a bibby

If you’ve been spending you’re Thursday and Friday evenings riding The Snow Centre’s freestyle parks, you’ve probably seen some of the newest members of The Snow Centre’s Freestyle Team in action.

And, if you’ve seen any of them turn a snowboard through the park or slide a rail on skis, you’ll know they’ve progressed more than a few tricks during The Snow Centre’s Freestyle Coaching Sessions and park nights.

So for good reason, and with congratulations, The Snow Centre welcomed these freestyle faces to the team.

David Gornall - Freestyle Ski 

11 year old David Gornall has been skiing since 2014. Inspired by professional slopestyle snowboarder, Jenny Jones and her bronze medal win at the Sochi Winter Olympics, David now spends his days skiing The Snow Centre’s park set-ups. Hard work and talent has seen David throw down some pretty impressive tricks, including his favourite rail trick, body slide on a box, and kicker trick, 360 tail grab. Plus, if you’re lucky, you might just spot David spinning a rodeo 540 on the jump!

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Palmer Parish - Freestyle Ski

7 year old Palmer learnt to ski at age 3 at The Snow Centre. Having progressed from scratch through The Snow Centre’s learning journey and onto the Thursday and Friday night freestyle scene, he’s already setting out to make his mark on the junior competition circuit. Following his ‘Best Trick’ win at the 2016 Kid’s Jam, Palmer has now made his debut onto The Snow Centre’s Freestyle Ski Team. We look forward to seeing what’s next for this little lad!

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Bradley Baker - Freestyle Snowboard

Joining The Snow Centre’s snowboarders, 10 year old Bradley has been committed to Snowsports since age 3 when he started skiing — and then to snowboarding from age 4, when he made the switch! A lover of flatland freestyle and riding the park, Bradley enjoys going for his grabs on the jumps and spinning back 180s out of the rails, he’ll never give-up on learning new things, so we’ll be sure to see more great stuff from this young snowboarder.

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Lara Cabrera-Myam - Freestyle Snowboard

Representing the girls, 13 year old Lara has more than a few skills on her snowboard. Feeling home from home at The Snow Centre, Lara started practicing freestyle in 2016 and has already proved her capabilities in the park.

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Stephen French - Freestyle Snowboard

14 year old Stephen French has been freestyle snowboarding since 2014, but has already progressed to landing frontside 540 degree spins on the jump. Starting-out on The Snow Centre’s Snowboard Holiday Courses, Stephen thought freestyle park nights looked awesome and was inspired to try it himself — he’s not looked back since.

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Liam Tynan - Freestyle Snowboard

12 year old Liam used to snowboard at Milton Keynes, but in the recent year, he has begun riding the features at The Snow Centre every week. Already attempting and landing 900 degree spins on the jump at The Snow Centre, Liam is fearless when it comes to trying big tricks. After spending time riding with current members of The Snow Centre's team and progressing his skills amongst the Hemel riders, Liam has now been welcomed onto the team himself.

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Callum Welch - Freestyle Pro Ski Team

Having been a member of The Snow Centre’s Freestyle Ski Team for many years, Callum’s skills and commitment have allowed him to progress from The Snow Centre’s Freestyle Team to the slope’s Pro Team. A true Hemel Hempstead born skier, Callum learnt to ski at the age of 6 at Hemel dry-slope, before it was replaced with The Snow Centre’s real snow slopes — he has been a regular face at the centre ever since.

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