Our Freestyle Coaching sessions are the best way to get into freestyle. From learning flatland tricks on your skis or snowboard to brushing up on your technique, with the help of our expert freestyle instructors, we will teach you how to best hit our range of features, including rails, boxes and kickers. It won’t be long until you’re flying at our Thursday and Friday park nights.

To take part in Freestyle it is important to have already achieved a good standard of skiing or snowboarding. In line with The Snow Centre’s Level System we recommend that you have completed Level 5 and have had some practice time on the Main Slope to build your confidence. At this level you will be a versatile skier or snowboarder, able to create varied turn shapes and have accomplished or be ready to learn flatland tricks.

Freestyle Academy

Once you’ve mastered parallel turns and are confident and in control doing short and long turns, progress your skills to freestyle riding with, or without features with our NEW Freestyle Academy available for both adults & juniors from 7 years old.

We’ve a range of levels for you to join in, ranging from flatland freestyle tricks, small ride on features, through to advanced features tricks using small and large features. There really is something for everyone!

Take a look at a typical weekly schedule and see what type of session, day and time works best for you.

THU     Freestyle Development – Junior Coaching Freestyle Development – Adult Coaching
FRI     Pathway to Freestyle – Junior Coaching Pathway to Freestyle – Adult Coaching
SAT Pathway to Freestyle – Junior Coaching    
SUN Pathway to Freestyle – Junior Coaching    
Private Lessons
Available every day throughout the day.
Please call us on 01442 241321 to check availability, but hurry,
these Lessons are extremely popular!

If you’re confident on the Main Slope and eager to move onto something more challenging, Freestyle Academy is a great place to start. The 2 Hour coaching sessions are available on Thursday evenings 8pm – 10pm.

For those new to freestyle, they can join us on our Pathway to Freestyle coaching sessions. Or if they’ve already tried a few tricks on our features, head to our Freestyle Development sessions.

Adults £55
Juniors £49

Private Lessons

Available whenever there’s features on the slope, click here to book your Ski Freestyle Private Lesson or click here to book your Snowboard Freestyle Private Lesson now, but hurry these lessons are extremely popular!

Freestyle Private Lessons

Private Lessons are a great way to progress into Freestyle at your own pace. Whether you want to throw yourself at it and progressing as quickly as possible, or taking things slowly and mastering each trick before learning the next, our instructor will progress the Lesson at the pace they are comfortable with.

Freestyle Private Lessons are available whenever there’s features on the slope, adults & juniors from 7 years old.

Want to progress your Flat Land Skills first? Our 1 Hour Main Slope Private Lessons are available 7 days a week and will develop your flatland skills, such as ollies, buttering and flatland spins. Working on a wide range of techniques these lessons will develop your all-round snowboarding & skiing.

Freestyle Private Lessons School & Bank Holidays Mid Week
1 Person for 1 Hour £145 £119
2 Person for 1 Hour £185 £154
3 Person for 1 Hour £225 £184
4 Person for 1 Hour £260 £214
5 Person for 1 Hour £295 £244
1 Person for 30 minutes £72.50 £59.50
2 People for 30 minutes £92.50 £77
Flatland Freestyle 1 Person for 1 Hour £95 £79
Freestyle with Features 1 Person for 1 Hour £135 £114

For Freestyle Skiers, BOOK your Private Lessons here.

For Freestyle Snowboarders, BOOK your Private Lessons here.

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