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Aimee Fuller Talks Mental & Physical Challenges of Slopestyle Snowboarding!

4 December 2015
Aimee Fuller posing with snowboard

As Team GB's Slopestyle Snowboarder and The Snow Centre's ambassador, Aimee Fuller prepares for her next competition, she takes a moment to tell SnowSure just what it takes to be a female Slopestyle Snowboarder.

How would you best describe your sport to someone new to snowboarding?

“Slopestyle snowboarding is a combination of rails and jumps, you ride down a course and perform different tricks on different features, the more technical, and stylish your run the better your overall score! It is fun, fast and exciting to compete in, anything can happen!”

What do you love most about freestyle snowboarding?

“The freedom! It gives you many opportunities to travel, meet new people and push yourself to your own limits; it literally is as it sounds, freestyle, anything goes!”

You’ve represented Great Britain in the Winter Olympics, placed in Slopestyle competitions around the world, what’s the next big goal for Aimee Fuller?

“For me the goal is to get more consistent and see myself up there on the podium in the big events! PY2018 is the next Winter Olympics; 100 percent I'm going for it in that and I plan to give Big Air a try as well as Slopestyle, as it's a new discipline taking place for the first time in the coming Olympics! I would love to represent Team GB in both, Big Air and Slopestyle!”  

What advice would you give to the young girls snowboarding the freestyle parks in the UK today?

“Ride as much as you can, the more time on your board, the easier it is to progress, it is just like walking, if you do it all the time, you don't have to think about it, it's the same with snowboarding! Get those miles up and the progression will come naturally. Riding with a good group of friends helps to push you too!”

What do you think it takes to be a female professional Slopestyle snowboarder?

“You have to be fit and ready to challenge your mental and physical game. I think it takes time, a lot of commitment, some sacrifices, including spending a lot of time away from home, friends and family, however it's all worth it! The opportunities it has given me are beyond my wildest dreams, for example I never imagined going to Australia, let alone snowboarding there.” 

Name three things that most people wouldn’t realise are a big part of a Slopestyle snowboarder’s daily life!

“The gym grind! In the summer it's all part of it, 5-6 days a week. There is also lots of organising travel, accommodation and flights, the admin work too. And finally, the aches, pains, bumps and bruises we deal with day to day when pushing our bodies to the absolute max on the mountain.” 

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Team GB’s Olympic Snowboarder Aimee Fuller has travelled the world competing for her country, landing big snowboard tricks on jumps and rails! In this exclusive SnowSure interview she explains the mental and physical challenges a Slopestyle Snowboarder entails and her goals for the next Olympics.

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