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5 Steps to Get into Freestyle Skiing or Snowboarding

1 July 2019
Freestylers in an indoor slope near London

Whether you’re a skier or snowboarder, ‘grown-up’ or youngster, you’ve been sliding on snow forever or you’ve only just mastered skiing or snowboarding on the snow—if getting some air time or sliding a rail or box on 1 plank or 2 sounds appealing then perhaps it’s time you followed The Snow Centre’s 5 steps to getting into freestyle.

These 5 steps could have you spinning 360 degrees on your board, taking off snow kickers and grabbing some air on your skis or sliding a rail or box in no time.

1. Give it a Go at the Weekend

If you already meet The Snow Centre’s minimum standard to ski or board the Main Slope; you’re linking turns, able to stop in control, use the slope’s button lift and you’re now starting to improve your application of technique—you could be ready for freestyle tricks. And what’s more, you can give freestyle a try for FREE when you’re visiting The Snow Centre with a valid Lift Pass on a FREE instruction Give it A Go Weekend.

Take the first step; find out more about Give it a Go Weekends at The Snow Centre.

2. Pick up FREE freestyle hints and tips on Thursday evenings 

Once you’ve got a taste for landing tricks on your skis or snowboard, we’re sure you’ll be jumping at the chance to join The Snow Centre’s freestyle coaches for some free hints and tips during the centre’s Thursday evening freestyle session, 6pm -10pm. All you need is a valid Lift Pass and before you know it you’ll be back practicing those moves on the snow, on the rails, and on the jumps!

Pick up a Thursday evening Lift Pass.

3. Take some Freestyle Lessons

Freestyle Lessons in The Snow Centre’s parks are the best way to take your freestyle skills to the next level. During these sessions you can learn new tricks and tweak those you’ve already learnt. 

Find a Freestyle Coaching Lesson for you at The Snow Centre!

4. Attend your first Big Park Friday 

Big park Fridays take place once a month between March and November at The Snow Centre. So, if you love the idea of a wide range of freestyle features shaped ready for your enjoyment, a social atmosphere on-slope and perhaps even some prizes, mini competitions or brand demos taking place, these nights are for you!

The Big Park nights vary in theme and the park changes up every month to keep things interesting! Take a look at The Snow Centre’s Park Night calendar for details of the next Big Park Friday.

5. Book on The Snow Centre’s Neilson trips & visit a mountain park

You can't beat a group ski holiday for learning new tricks and having fun in the park with friends. Neilson are now providing The Snow Centre’s annual group trips to a host of new destinations giving you the chance to explore resorts in Andorra, Austria, France and Italy. You’ll also get to enjoy free ski guiding and coaching with the Neilson Mountain Experts – fully qualified ski and snowboard instructors, local to your resort.

Check out The Snow Centre’s Group Trips and spend your holiday landing tricks in the mountain parks. 

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