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Valentine’s Day Romantic Surprises on Snow!

6 February 2019
Man and woman on the slope

Most girls love a heart-shaped box of chocolates or a teddy holding an ‘I love you’ cushion, but ladies that ski or snowboard, need that little extra effort on Valentine’s Day to really blow them away. Here’s SnowSure’s top romantic moments on snow at The Snow Centre, pick up some ideas for your Valentine’s Day surprise here!

1. A Proposal Written in Snow

If you’re a keen skier, what better place to say ‘yes’ than on the slopes! In 2014, a couple of snow loving love birds got engaged when the soon to be groom, popped the question after asking The Snow Centre Team to write the words ‘Will you marry me’ in the snow. Using ski poles and red spray paint to spell out the words, the team prepared for the couples arrival to the slopes. We’re pleased to confirm she said yes!

2. Channel 4 ‘Undateable's’ 1st Date on Snow

That's right, in a previous series of the Channel 4 show, The Undateables, The Snow Centre hosted a first date for one couple!

Steve Cross who ran the couples sledging session said; “I met the couple in The Snow Centre’s equipment rental area, they were excited and a little nervous.

They were chatting during the session and seemed to be getting on well. Our sledges need a little bit of skill, and the lady picked it up really quickly, racing down the hill in no time. The gent took a bit longer and crashed into the safety barriers a few times. Once they were getting the hang of it they had a few races. They both took this quite seriously, there was definitely an element of competitiveness between them. I think they had a great time, but I couldn't tell you if it was the start of something serious.”

3. The Frozen Themed Wedding on the Slope

A couple of seasons ago, the famous T.V show, ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ debuted a Frozen Wedding on the snow at The Snow Centre. Complete with Ice sculptures, reindeer, an ‘Elsa’ style wedding dress and ‘Olav’ as the groom, the couple got hitched that day.

Rebecca Hicks who organised the coldest wedding ceremony of Hemel Hempstead said; “After hours of preparation the Frozen themed wedding was all set, with a beautiful ice sculpture as the centre piece, blue rose petals down the aisle and lots of guests; all the groom had to do was wait for his bride. 

Arriving with her bridesmaids, in a carriage pulled by reindeers, the bride was wearing a pale blue dress, much like Elsa's dress in the Disney film Frozen. Adding a little humour to the experience, before making her way out onto the snow her high heeled shoes had to be swapped for a pair of snowboarding boots. As she walked down the aisle to her groom it was clear to see he had made a good choice and she was happy with what he had planned, after a service on the snow everyone headed into the warm before making their way to the evening venue”

If you have your own romantic ideas for an on snow session, why not visit The Snow Centre this Valentine’s Day!

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