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The Snowboard Guide to Looking Like a Pro

10 January 2017
Snowboarder putting hood up in an indoor slope near London

Snowboarding is all about having fun and progressing our skills on the snow — but it’s not shameful to admit, we often like to look the part too. 

And why not? If you’ve just started snowboarding or you’re looking forward to your next snowboard trip, you’ve probably picked out some brand new kit; so a few tips on how to look like a pro on the slopes could complete your new snowboard look.

Wear a Helmet

Helmets are not only for safety, they’re now a snowboard style accessory too. And they’re definitely not just for beginners; intermediate and advanced snowboarders can be seen rocking the latest helmets on the slopes, in the park, and off the piste.

Lose the Goggles at Indoor Snow Centres

Goggles are great for visibility, safety and style on the mountain, but leave them at home if you’re visiting your local indoor slope.

Wearing your Goggles Under your Helmet?

It’s not advised, nor is it the most comfortable way of wearing your goggles, but the park kids often wear their goggles under their helmets with a beanie.

Avoid the Helmet Gap

Find goggles that fit your helmet to avoid what snowboarders call ‘a helmet gap.’ Besides being considered a ‘bad look’ by many snowboarders, the helmet gap gives you a cold forehead.

Tuck your Gloves in

Snowboarders spend more time sitting on the snow than skiers, and getting covered in snow is far more likely. Stay warm and dry by tucking your gloves inside the sleeves of your jacket.

Lace up your Boots

Snowboarding with your boot laces flailing behind is technically challenging, and it doesn’t look ‘good’ either. Make life easier by lacing up your boots.

Pull your Trouser Legs Down Over your Boots

Its fine to strut around with your trouser legs rucked up above your boots, but before you get strapped into your board and start snowboarding, pull your trouser legs down over your boots. Doing so, will stop snow getting inside your boots, and its considered a far better look.

Carry your Snowboard Underarm

Carrying your snowboard underarm is easier than over your shoulder, and it’s the way the pros do it.

Leave your Snowboard with the Bindings Facing Downwards

If you want to avoid losing your snowboard, causing a safety hazard or running after your snowboard as it speeds off down the hill, leave your snowboard with bindings facing into the snow. This is how the pros do it.

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