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THE BRITS 2019 - The Snow Centre Team Results

8 April 2019

THE BRITS 2019 - The Snow Centre Team Results

Members of The Snow Centre’s, Hemel Hempstead freestyle team attended the legendary competition and annual celebration of UK freestyle skiing and snowboarding, THE BRITS 2019 last week. 


A highlight of the British freestyle calendar since 1989, The Brits, welcomes famous faces, newcomers, kids and grown-ups every year to compete for the title ‘best in Britain’ — and ends the winter season with more than a few epic parties. 

The Brits 2019 was once again set in Switzerland’s Laax ski resort, where only last year The Snow Centre’s freestyle team bagged 29 medals. This year the event took place outside the school holidays, allowing The Snow Centre to send a limited team to compete, but those that did, didn’t let Hemel Hempstead down.

This time, there was also the chance to compete against or in front of international ski and snowboard Olympians, such as Jamie Nicholls, Billy Morgan, Katie Ormerod, Matt McCormick, James Woods and Rowan Cheshire—making The Brits one of the best competitions of the year.


From 1-7 April 2019, The Snow Centre’s freestyle team competed across many of The Brits events in various age categories. The Snow Centre’s snowboarders included,  Stephen Smith, Sophie Smith, Liam Tynan, Charlee Dean, Jess Smith, Cerys Allen, and Eddy Livesey. While The Snow Centre’s freestyle ski team were represented by Justin Taylor-Tipton, Palmer Parish, Oscar Louth, Amy Clayton and Lexi Rowlands. The Snow Centre's regular snowboarders, Evie Smith and Tallulah Hepburn, and parent of The Snow Centre's skiing pros, Madi and Mike Rowlands, Darren Rowlands also competed.

British Snowboard Slopestyle Championships – TSC Results 

  • Liam Tynan - 1st in the Under 16s
  • Eddy Livesey - 2nd in the Under 16s
  • Stephen Smith - 2nd in the Under 18s

  • Cerys Allen - 2nd Overall

British Snowboard Big Air Championships - TSC Results

  • Eddy Livesey - 2nd in the Under 16s
  • Liam Tynan – 3rd in the Under 16s

  • Cerys Allen – 3rd Overall
  • Charlee Dean – 3rd in the Under 12s

British Snowboard Cross Championships - TSC Results

  • Stephen Smith – 1st in the Under 18s
  • Cerys Allen - 2nd Overall
  • Jess Smith – 3rd in the Under 12s

British Ski Cross Championships - TSC Results

  • Oscar Louth – 3rd in the Under 16s

British Ski Slopestyle Championships – TSC Results

  • Palmer Parish – 1st in the Under 12s
  • Amy Clayton – 1st in the Under 16s and Overall

British Ski Big Air Championships - TSC Results 

  • Palmer Parish – 1st in the Under 12s

  • Amy Clayton – 1st in the Under 16s and Overall

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