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Skiing or Snowboarding, Which is Easier?

19 January 2016
Snowboarder posing in the mountains

SnowSure caught up with Aaron Pearce, Ski and Snowboard Instructor for the answer to the age old question which is harder skiing or snowboarding! Plus here’s the ‘ins and outs’ of being a skier and a snowboarder.

Aaron said “I’ve been teaching skiing and snowboarding for a number of years now and I can definitely say that the majority of people find learning how to ski, much easier than learning how to snowboard! However, once up-to a reasonable standard, a lot of snowboarders tend to find advancing to a higher level easier than skiers.

With either skiing or snowboarding, if you want to push your ability further than intermediate level, then you have get the mileage in on your skis or board! My advice ride for as long as possible and as often as possible. To become an advanced boarder or skier, get to the slopes as frequently as you can and get yourself equipped with different variables and terrain. Off-piste, freestyle park and efficient riding comes with time, effort and coaching.

I personally like to ski on the indoor slopes and snowboard on the mountains. For some reason on a snowboard, I enjoy the freedom you get in the mountains, it’s surreal! Winter over summer any day!”

Well, you’ve heard it from a master of both, but here’s the ‘nitty gritty’ of what makes one more difficult than the other!

Skiing is easier because…

1. The chairlifts, drag lifts and T-Bars taking you up the hill, are all made for your convenience! Snowboarders must struggle to balance on one leg on chair lifts, and stand twisted with a button or bar pulling on their front leg on drags and T-Bars, but skiers, you can just sit back and relax!

2. Most skiers can stand up on skis straight away, there’s no learning to balance like snowboarding. From the moment you step into 2 planks, you’re standing tall on skis!

3. When you’re cruising down an easy green run, on skis you needn’t worry about catching an edge, you can tootle along at you’re own pace, and if you lose speed, you’ve got your poles to push yourself along with!

Snowboarding is easier because…

1. Your boots fit like slippers in comparison to hard ski boots! Numb toes or exhausting yourself walking around in the boots before you even start sliding on the snow, is much less likely on a snowboard.

2. When you hit a really steep slope and you’re feeling a bit scared, there’s an easy get-out in snowboarding! Side slipping the whole slope is as easy on the steeps as it was on the baby slope you leant on when you’re on a snowboard!

3. When you opt for a powder tree run on a snowboard, not only is leaning back to keep the nose of your snowboard out of the snow a breeze, boards are normally shorter than skis and you can weave in and out of obstacles with ease!

It’s time for you to make your own decision, which is easier skiing or snowboarding!

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