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Indoor Ski Slopes or Dry Ski Slopes?

27 June 2022
Hemel Ski Centre - a dry slope before The Snow Centre was built

Indoor Slopes vs Dry Ski Slope 

Here in the UK there’s a large number of Dry Ski Slopes, but just a handful of Indoor Ski & Snowboard centres. 

Whether indoor real snow or outdoor dry ski slopes, snowboarding or skiing in the UK is perfect for learning from scratch or brushing up on your skills before your first winter holiday or your next trip, saving you valuable time on the mountains and avoids spending as much time on the beginner slopes. 

There’s benefits to both real snow ski slopes and dry ski slopes. 

Real Snow or Plastic Bristles 
One of the major pros to indoor centres is the REAL Snow, it’s the closest you’ll get to the proper mountain experience. But not only that, real snow slopes tend to be a bit more forgiving than dry ski slopes and you’re less likely to ruin your kit. While there is still a risk of injury similar with any sport, the soft blanket of snow makes your fall a little easier.   

In comparison, Dry ski slopes are made up of plastic bristles which can hurt when you fall over. Although this might not be seen as a bad thing to some and may even encourage you not to fall! 

Learning on Dry Ski Slopes in Comparison to Real Snow

When deciding to begin on the Snowsports learning journey, or join some ongoing development coaching there are some factors to consider when choosing your facility and surface.    

The sliding properties of snow can make the movements a little easier to perform as the skis or snowboard glide with less friction.  

The flipside is the brushes on dry slopes run a little slower so learners can focus on the movements without having to be worried about the speed in the early stages.  Also the dry ski slopes tend to be a little quiet and cheaper even in the winter so learners are sharing the space with less people.  

Both surfaces provide the opportunity to learn a snowsport.  Exposure to a variety of conditions is a key component in becoming an all-round performer.  

Enjoy the Outdoors or Consistent weather 

There are many benefits to both dry ski slopes and real snow centres, some of which are down to personal choice.  

Dry Ski Slopes let you experience the outdoor atmosphere similar to skiing or snowboarding on the mountain, however you could find yourself riding in full sun, or even pouring rain which may not be as appealing.  

On the other hand, a bonus to indoor slopes is the weather will always be consistent – you can cool down from the summer sun or come in from the wind and rain! And they can make perfect snow conditions all year round, allowing you to train, practice and have fun, 364 days a year. 

Quieter Dry Slopes or the Real Mountain Experience 
There is no questioning that indoor ski centres are the closest you will get to the full mountain experience in the UK. When you step out the cold air hits you and with fresh snow throughout the week you experience both the look and feel of the mountains.  

Dry Ski Slopes however can be quieter than indoor centres, so you can get many runs and avoid lift queues, in addition they are relatively inexpensive but do not offer the feel of real mountains.  

However you choose to learn and practise your chosen snowsport, you’re sure to have a great time. Whether outdoors or indoors, on average skiers and snowboarders will burn around 500 calories an hour! 

Check out The Snow Centre’s lessons and passes or your local Indoor Snow Slope or Dry Ski Slope for prices and events. 

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