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Curving to Carving - Skiing at Speed!

5 October 2017
Lady skiing down an indoor slope near London

If we know the basics of skiing, could the secret of mastering skiing at speed be as simple as moving quicker and performing every step at a faster pace?

In reality it could be just this simple, but the most efficient variations of speed skiing are tailored to their purpose and environment! Subsequently, there are multiple ways of applying various ski techniques to enable us to travel at high speed. And the answer really depends on the terrain, whether you’re looking to travel quickly down the slope, race a slalom course or style some super smooth carves!

But don’t worry The Snow Centre's Instructors can give you a headstart with their explanation of curving to carving. In this video they'll demon how to progress your curved turns to carved turns, to ensure you’ll be picking up some speed this season!

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