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6 things to try on skis this summer!

24 June 2022
Woman skiing at indoor ski slope near London

When your winter skiing holiday seems so far away, thoughts of getting back on the skis may also be at the back of your mind. But the longer you leave it between sessions, the more likely you are to forget the perfect technique you had last season!

Cooling off in an indoor snow centre or heading to your nearest dry ski slope is the best way to ensure you still have your ski legs next season. The Snow Centre's Head of Snowsports, Pete Gillespie gives us some tips to practice to ensure we don't get into any bad habits this summer. 

"Whilst skiing at your local indoor or outdoor Snowsports facility here are a few developmental activities you can use to help you progress. The activities (instructors call drills ) get progressively more challenging. The drills can be used at almost all levels of skier ability right up to professional skiers. It is not uncommon to see the worlds best skiers using variations of these drill to sharpen their own skills.

Have fun trying them!" 

Hands on Knees. 
Purpose: This drill is primarily for stabilising the upper body and maintaining a balanced stance. 
Process: As the name suggests, place your hands on your knees as you ski down the hill.  
Recommended turn shape: Can be done in all linked turn types from snowspough to parallel. 

Touch outside knee with both hands. 
Purpose: to help feel balance against the outside ski in the turn
Process: As you make the turn towards the end of the curve rest your hands on the outside knee to compete the turn
Recommended turn shape: snowspough to parallel long to medium curves. 

The Tap-tap turn
Purpose: Can you balance on the outside ski at the end of the turn / during a short traverse?  
Process: Try picking up (ideally) the back of the ski at the end of the turn and gently taps twice or three times during the turn. Hence Tap-tap-turn! 
Recommended turn shape: Can be tried in a travers first and then integrated in to turns from plough parallel to all parallel phases. Great for developing balance and movement skills. 

Poles out front 
Purpose: This drill helps to develop sound posture and upper body discipline.
Process: Hold your ski poles (or just one) in front of you like you are riding a bike.  If you are using our rental skis; your hands should be far enough forward that your hands are roughly above the “E” of Head that is written on the skis.
Recommended turn shape: Longer turns to start with; arms pointing in the direction of travel.

Pick up ski
Purpose: Develops great balance throughout the turn and curve shape. Assist with creating upper body and lower body separation. 
Process: Pick up the inside ski at some point around the turn. To begin try quite late towards the end of the turn and gradually try lifting earlier and earlier. 
Recommended turn shape: Longer turns to start with; arms pointing in the direction of travel.

Tip turns (or The Stork drill)
Purpose: This drill is challenging as it tests posture and ability to balance against the outside ski which is essential for higher level skiing performance. As you practice try and make the curves as clean and smooth as possible with the inner ski elevated throughout. 
Process: The easiest version of this drill (note we don’t say easy); is to finish your turn and then raise the back of the inside ski off the ground and gently press the front of the inside ski into the snow by using your shin on the front of the raised boot.   
Recommended turn shape: Longer turns to start with; arms pointing in the direction of travel.

Looking to build your skills on the skis this summer? Then head to The Snow Centre and try our Adult Ski Lessons, Kids Ski Lessons, or Private Ski Lessons.

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