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6 Reasons to Get a 6 Pack of Lessons

22 April 2024
Female Skiing at The Snow centre

The warmer weather is coming, and if you’re thinking about all the summer activities you’d like to try, why not keep skiing or snowboarding at the top of your list as it’s a sport you can enjoy all year round at your local dry slope or indoor centre. Plus there’s some top reasons why it’s better to learn in the summer as you can great some great lesson pack deals! 

6 Reasons to get a 6 Pack of Ski or Snowboard Lessons… 

Massive savings 

Everyone loves to save a few ££ wherever they can and have a great time for less so the summer months are great to make the most of lesson and Lift Pass offers, including 3 or 6 Lesson Packages.  

Adults and juniors can learn to ski or snowboard on UK indoor slopes for less during the summer months. There's something for everyone to enjoy with ski lessons for kids from just 4 years old, snowboarding lessons from 7 years +  plus adult lessons too.  

Better/more flexible time to learn 

With everyone outside enjoying the great British weather UK indoor slopes are a little quieter in the summer meaning there’s more availability so you can decide when you would like to come.  

Plus, quieter times can equate to smaller groups so there is more runs and more room on the snow for you.  

If you're already skilled in one area, you could learn another for less 

If you’re an experienced skier or snowboarder why stop there? If you’ve been tempted to learn another snowsport in skiing or snowboarding then give it a go this summer and make the most of all the offers available.  

There’s also no end to learning to ski or snowboard, there’s endless amounts of drills and skills to better your riding with Main Slope Lessons! 

Perfect way to go from complete beginner to competent skier/snowboarder over the summer  

Thinking ahead to that first winter trip to the mountains next season? Summer is the best way to learn and with The Snow Centre 3 or 6 Lesson Packages, for a one of cost you can go from never having put on skis or a snowboard to be confident on the Main Slope.  

Learning in the UK means you will enjoy your trip much more rather than being on the trainer slope and in ski school throughout your holiday. 

As a beginner you could give both disciplines a try to decide which you prefer.  

If you’re undecided whether you want to learn to snowboard or ski, summer is a great time to try both, especially as The Snow Centre visitors can enjoy Half Price Beginner Lessons, or 3 or 6 Packs of Lessons that can be used for skiing, snowboarding or a combination of both. 

Once you’re confident with which one you prefer its full steam ahead in your learning journey! 

Great social activity with friends 

Rather than an afternoon at the pub, why not choose to learn to ski or snowboard together, you’ll 100% be guaranteed a great time, have lots of moment to remember, plus you can still enjoy a well-deserved apres drink in the bar after.  

It’s a win, win too with The Snow Centre Lesson packages as every Adult Lesson includes a complimentary drink in The Lodge Bar & Kitchen.  

After you’ve learnt together you can enjoy the Main Slope or even the mountains together for your next trip. 

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