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5 Reasons Monthly Passes Make Summer Skiing!

2 April 2017
View of an empty, freshly groomed indoor slope near London

Warren is more than a regular on the slopes at The Snow Centre, he’s learnt and progressed to a great ski level on the indoor slopes and now he takes those skills to ski resorts all over the world.

In total, Warren has skied 977 hours on The Snow Centre’s slopes since the centre opened in 2009. Included in these hours, are the 36 monthly passes he’s enjoyed - which have allowed him to get plenty of practice in for less. Here’s 5 reasons Warren continues to choose monthly passes at The Snow Centre!

Fitness & Friends

“I probably ski at The Snow Centre 3 - 4 days per week in the summer months. It’s a great place to meet new friends and I have met so many over the last 4 years. I also like the fitness level it gives me, my excuse for not going to the gym.”

Quieter Slopes

I love skiing in the mornings! It gives me an exhilarating start to the day. An hour, or so on the slope and a coffee and natter after.

I'm very fortunate to live local to The Snow Centre, so I do make the most of the summer monthly passes. When the busier winter season starts I ski slightly less, but still enjoy going over and seeing everyone.”  

Time to Progress

My favourite memory, but one I will never forget is becoming Main Slope ready and going off the top of the Main Slope for the very first time, in I think 2011. It took me around 6-7 minutes to get down. Nowadays I do it in around 5-6 minutes, only joking!” 

Skiing More for Less

Skiing throughout the summer months is great. Get the Membership or Summer Monthly Pass and reap the benefits.”

Taking Indoor Skills to the Mountains

“The Snow Centre’s instructors are superb, and the quieter summer months are great prep for that first winter ski or snowboard holiday. 

I have now skied many places in Europe and this year a trip to Canada with around 16 people whom before The Snow Centre I had never met and now class as good friends. It's a very social place with a great mix of people. The staff are superb and it all seems like a close knit family. We all love the progression and technique we as individuals put into our skiing. Most importantly, unless you are looking for a career in skiing then don't get too stressed about it, it should be fun and enjoyable...Grip it and Rip it!”

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