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2017 Best Ski Gear - Snow & Rock Preview

2 November 2016
rack of skis

The 2017 ski gear has now well and truly filled the UK Snowsports shops! Full to the brim with the kit we’ll all be parading during 2017, its time to take home the kit that’s going to make this season. But, what should we have in our baskets? What are the best skis for 2016/2017?

Ski fanatics have been talking about the equipment trends of 2017 - with some skis getting narrower and others staying just as wide. Manufacturers are continuing to step up their game and the fight for the title, best free ski and powder, all-mountain and performance skis keeps getting tougher. With so many fantastic products on the shelves it can be difficult to find the gear to suit you.

Heaps of top ski equipment arrived at Snow & Rock stores up and down the UK during October, including the array of gear decorating Snow & Rock in Hemel Hempstead. Hemel’s Ski Product Manager, Jean Luc Ramar helps us see the wood for the trees;

What’s new for 2017 ski gear?

"As a skier I am always really excited about getting in all the new kit, but it’s important to pick up the products that suit your style of skiing. Being a keen free skier I’ll be looking at all the new innovations for that specific area of the sport to improve my skiing experience. The new Volkl range of skis are likely to suit my needs, but in-store we find the latest products and technology that fits with our customers individual requirements. Hopefully there’s something for everyone to get excited about!"

The 2017 Volkl range includes popular powder and free skis.

The Head Collective 105 is a great 'all-mountain' choice for 2017.


The 2017 women's Völkl Flair SC UVO and men's Rossignol Pursuit 700 Ti are rating top of the piste performance category.

2017 ski equipment trends

"One of the ongoing trends that has flourished in the coming season’s kit, are the brighter colours and graphics decorating the equipment. Customers were more inclined to buy colourful pieces of kit last season, and manufacturers have responded with a brighter 2017 collection. Skiing is definitely moving away from dull colours to more vibrant colours such as pink. For example the Women’s Volkl Pyra 2017 skis feature fuchsia pink and sky blue tiger print graphics."


Volkl are just one of the brands featuring brightly coloured equipment in both their men's and women's 2017 collection.

3 must have pieces of 2017 kit!

"Naturally, due to working in Snow & Rock’s equipment department I am always really excited about getting a customer into new kit, but I think there are essentials any skier should have in their bag this season. Firstly, skis are a lot cheaper in the UK than Europe at the moment, which is a good incentive to purchase ski hardware.

Helmets would be the next must buy on the list, besides providing protection, picking up a helmet in the UK will prove a lot cheaper than in Europe. Finally, ski boots are the most essential piece of kit to buy for any winter season and even more so right now with the great UK prices. The comfort of them could make or break a holiday so a properly fitted boot is one of the fundamentals for an enjoyable trip."

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