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Meet our instructors

Tim Downs

What skill do you teach? Snowboarding

What qualification do you have? IASI level 2

What was your first Snowsports experience and where?  I first learned to ski at The Snow Centre, then  tried snowboarding straight after and never looked back!

What’s the best thing about being an instructor at The Snow Centre? Our annual chainsaw ice-sculpting competition. Kidding! The best thing is sharing the love of snowboarding, and seeing the buzz in people’s faces when things start to make sense and work for them.

One single tip you would give to anyone taking part in Snowsports… Understand that everyone learns at different speeds, be patient and you will get there!

Funniest Snowsports memory? Probably when I messed up a kicker (jump) and landed in a superman position down the landing ramp. My zipper caught on the ice and my trousers proceeded to fill up with snow as I slid down. I couldn’t do that one again if I tried!

The word from the slopes

  • “Love it here. Great slope and the staff are really friendly. Also love the Alpine bar and viewing area. So pleased to have it back.”

  • “My family's first visit. It was a great day out, enjoyed a coffee and some cake before the lesson. Then enjoyed a lesson with a very calm and reassuring instructor. Would recommend a visit, it was good fun.”

  • “Our first visit to try out new boots before our holiday. A great way to get your "ski legs" back. Snow excellent, staff extremely helpful, facilities spotless and a nice coffee to end the session.”

  • “Overall my experience at the snow centre was INCREDIBLE. Everyone was so welcome and supportive as well it was easy to understand the prep before hand. As a beginner ive never got the hang of the basics so quickly, so a massive thank you to all instructors.”