What skill do you teach? Skiing 

What qualification do you have? IASI Level 2 (Alpine), Snow Sports England Level 3 Coach (plus all of the necessary qualifications to teach at indoor snow domes in the UK).  Snowsports England Level 4 Coach during 2018/19 season.

When was your first Snowsports experience and where?I first skied when I was 20.  My girlfriend's brother's school needed adults to make up the numbers to keep the school's price low so I went along.  This was in Polsa, Italy (San Valentino).  I remember that when we got there, there was no electricity as they had been snowed-in for 3 days due to enormous amounts of snow which had cut-off most  of the valley and we had to sleep ion the coach that night...

What’s the best thing about being an instructor at The Snow Centre?Working with a really diverse range of  skiers from debutantes to experienced of all ages - 4 y/o to 80+.  The camaraderie amongst ski instructors at The Snow Centre is great.  When I park up and walk through the sliding door at ground level I get a big buzz because I know I'm going to be with like-minded instructors who want to teach people to ski and make skiing skiers better!  Every ski season I take 3-4 weeks out to teach UK schools in Switzerland over the February half-Term and Easter school holidays - massively rewarding and year-on-year I get to see my prior students progress further.

One single tip you would give to anyone taking part in Snowsports…

Patience is important for the skier AND the instructor.  Whether it's a Group or Private lesson a good instructor will be patient and continually monitor your ability and progression and tailor their instruction to help you move on.  However, and much more importantly, if you don't understand what the instructor is saying or wants you to do then tell your instructor - don't be afraid!  Instructors are there for you!  If it's not happening for you then it's not happening for the instructor - there's always a solution to be found.

Funniest Snowsports memory? When I first started skiing in Polsa, Italy, I used to ride a motorcycle and so I turned up on the first ski morning wearing a double-breasted leather motorcycle jacket, overpants and a scarf around my mouth as my ski kit.  Functional but definitely not funky - but the teachers (in yellow and orange Day Glo) loved it!  It was a long week...

Know your limits What level am I?

If you’re brand new to the slopes or reintroducing yourself to the snow, check out the questionnaire below to see what level you are, and what level ski lesson we recommend you to book. Of course if your still not sure please call our team on 0344 770 7227

Level 3
I can do basic snowplough turns

We offer a large range of Adult Skiing Lessons, Junior Skiing Lessons and Family Skiing Lessons so there is something for everyone. You can take your pick, from the ‘we’re all in it together’ Group Lessons to the personal one-on-one style of our Private Lessons.

Our expert ski instructors have endorsed this recommendation based on the information you have provided. If you want to discuss your level further please call 0344 770 7227 to speak to our team.

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