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Jamie Nicholls

About Jamie...
I am a professional snowboarder from Yorkshire. Famous things from Yorkshire include Yorkshire Tea, Yorkshire puddings and the writings of the Brontë sisters, and I like all of these (Well, the first two at least). I represented Team GB in Sochi's, Winter Olympics 2014 and came 6th in the final. I also became the first British male to win a snowboard world cup in 2016.

How Jamie got into snowsports...
I grew up near a dry slope and had my first taste of snowboarding at the age of 7. By age 9, I could already do front flips and backside 900s. A few years later an indoor snow centre opened near Leeds and the rail set ups provided the other half of my youth training. Yorkshire unleashed me on the rest of the World back in 2009. Since then I have travelled the globe shredding big air, slopestyle and rail contests, and I moved to Hemel Hempstead to be near The Snow Centre for summer training.

Jamie’s time at The Snow Centre...
I love coming to The Snow Centre as the atmosphere is amazing, the people are great and you will always have fun no matter what. Great place to be!

Come & snowboard with Jamie...
I love summer Freestyle nights at The Snow Centre the best, all the rails and jumps are out and everyone comes to ride freestyle. All my friends are there, and it’s just so much fun. It’s also great to see how much new talent there is around too!

Jamie’s advice...
My top tip is just too always have fun enjoy the time on snow with your friends and just try to progress in the safest possible way!

The word from the slopes

  • “My husband and 2 children had lessons this weekend to brush up for our holiday abroad. My kids loved the group lessons and made lots of progress. My husband and I took level 6 lessons and really benefited from the hints and tips on how to improve our skiing. Had lunch in the lodge too and it was quick (even in a busy period) and really tasty! Very reasonably priced too. Can't wait to hit the mountains now!”

  • “Top stuff Kids really enjoy very good experience and good people that work there. We will return for sure.”

  • “It was an enjoyable experience with my family, all staff were very helpful. It was my first time and I am sure we will visit you again”

  • “Clear, concise instructions and very supportive to all of the group the whole day. Great day out doing the 5 hour class. Lunch was yummy too! Very glad we had this beginner lesson before our holiday.”

  • “Joined the ski camp Holiday last week. It was well organized, my daughter learned a lot. Good experience. We will come back again.”