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The BRITS Indoor Champs 2018 Results - The Snow Centre Team

17 September 2018

The BRITS Indoor Champs 2018 Results - The Snow Centre Team

The Snow Centre’s, Hemel Hempstead freestyle team landed top spots on the podium last week, at the indoor competition and annual celebration of UK freestyle skiing and snowboarding, THE BRITS Indoor Champs 2018. 

The slopestyle competition held at the Manchester indoor snow dome on Saturday 15thSeptember saw freestyle skiers and snowboarders compete on jumps, rails and other features, styling inspiring tricks for a podium spot in the U12s, U16s and Overall categories. 

This year, there were 36 medals and cash prizes up for grabs and The Snow Centre’s (TSC) Hemel Hempstead team didn’t disappoint. Well done to all the participating skiers and snowboarders and congratulations to the Hemel riders who finished in top 3 positions this year.


British Snowboard Slopestyle Champs U12s – TSC Results

  • Rauf Allen - (TSC Hemel Rider) – 3rd

  • Jess Smith (TSC Team Rider) – 1st
  • Charlee Dean (TSC Team Rider) – 2nd
  • Evie Smith (TSC Hemel Rider) – 3rd


British Snowboard Slopestyle Champs U16s – TSC Results

  • Liam Tynan - (TSC Team Rider) – 2nd

  • Sophie Smith (TSC Team Rider) – 1st


British Snowboard Slopestyle Champs Overall – TSC Results

  • Alice Blake (TSC Hemel Rider) – 1st
  • Sophie Smith (TSC Team Rider) – 2nd


British Ski Slopestyle Championships U12s– TSC Results

  • Palma Parish - (TSC Team Rider) – 1st


British Ski Slopestyle Championships U16s– TSC Results

  • Amy Clayton (TSC Team Rider) – 2nd
  • Lexi Rowlands (TSC Team Rider) – 3rd


British Ski Slopestyle Championships Overall– TSC Results

  • Justin Taylor-Tipton - (TSC Team Rider) – 1st

  • Lexi Rowlands (TSC Team Rider) – 2nd
  • Amy Clayton (TSC Team Rider) – 3rd 


The Snow Centre's Team Coach, Kris Amstutz said, "They blew me away this year, their maturity and confidence throughout the competition not only reflected in their results, but throughout the day they supported and encouraged each other and supported Hemel TSC riders to be the best they could be. I am very lucky to work with such a kind hearted and talented group of athletes. Shout out to Hemel rider, Eddie Nardelli who went out with an injury on Saturday, but rode really well throughout the competition." 

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