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GIRLS SHRED: Why You Should Try Freestyle Nights

Alise Balode | 16 June 2016

GIRLS SHRED: Why You Should Try Freestyle Nights

The Snow Centre's sponsored rider and female snowboarder, Alise Balode explains why she thinks more girls should continue to join her at weekly freestyle sessions, to land tricks on jumps and rails.

"I'm thrilled to have been riding at The Snow Centre freestyle nights for more than five years and seen how the UK girls’ freestyle scene has been growing and progressed.

The girls’ shred at The Snow Centre is really awesome and this is why I think you should try freestyle nights as well...

Freestyle fun all year round

The Snow Centre runs freestyle nights every Thursday and Friday throughout the year, with Thursdays having a half park and Fridays having a full park covering both slopes. To keep everyone excited, the park team changes the layout every week, with features available for all levels. Whether you like kickers, rails or boxes, there is something for everyone.


The freestyle nights are perfect for progression! Riding with your friends and pushing each other to do new tricks is always a lot of fun. Remember not to get scared of bailing — everyone falls, just stay focused and keep practicing. You will be stoked on trying something new and getting support from others.

Freestyle coaching

For those who are new to freestyle, The Snow Centre offers Freestyle Coaching and Coaching Clinics to learn and progress your freestyle skills. If you are ready to hit the park, there are freestyle coaches available on the night to give you tips. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for advice from other riders in the park. Snowboarding is about sharing the fun; you will be surprised how much help you can get from others.


There are various freestyle events and competitions taking place throughout the year, such as the annual Morrow Jam, Kids Jam and various girls events to get you pumped and show off those awesome freestyle skills. Make sure you keep an eye on The Snow Centre Events Calendar.

More fun with the crew

It’s always more fun to ride with friends, so make sure you get your buddies involved as well. The girls riding at The Snow Centre are super friendly and always welcome new girls to the crew.

Keep shredding and smiling. See you in the park!"

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