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10 Year Team Members at The Snow Centre

The Snow Centre Team | 23 April 2019

10 Year Team Members at The Snow Centre

As The Snow Centre Hemel Hempstead celebrates its 10th Anniversary on 6th May 2019, we’ll also see the 10 year anniversaries for 39 of The Snow Centre’s Team Members. That’s right, all this time later a unique place to work like The Snow Centre is proud to have instructors, reception, rentals and slope team members, and piste basher drivers that were with The Snow Centre on the day the slope opened all that time ago, in May 2009.

In fact, a few of the ’10-year’ team members have been on site for even longer than 10 years, having worked at the dry ski slope, Hemel Ski Centre which once stood where The Snow Centre does now.

And since the centre opened, the 10-year team members and all those who have joined since have continued to work with The Snow Centre to deliver on snow memories to the slope's skiing, snowboarding and sledging guests. We caught up with some of the longest standing team members to find out why they love helping you create magic memories on the snow and think The Snow Centre is one of the best snowsports work places in the ski and snowboard industry.

Ski Instructor – Hussein Ramadan

As London’s closest real snow slope is a unique place to work, it follows that there are also plenty of uniquely talented people who work at The Snow Centre. Hussein Ramadan is one of those unique team members, having started as a ski instructor at The Snow Centre when the slope opened in 2009, since then Hussein has qualified as a Ski BASI Level 2 and Snowboard BASI Level 1 Instructor, and Snowboard BASI Freestyle Level 1 and Ski BASI Freestyle Level 1 Coach.

He now teaches adults and juniors to ski and snowboard every week on the largest lesson slope in the UK and centre’s 160m Main Slope.

"I love working at The Snow Centre! It is the friendliness place of all."

Snowboard Instructor – Rob Needham

Snowboard Instructor, Rob Needham, is a Hemel Ski Centre original! Having taught on site at the dry slope before The Snow Centre opened, Rob now continues to help guests make memories on snow via the delivery of his snowboard lessons, famous Tuesday evening free hints and tips on the Main Slope, also known as ‘Tuesday mischief’, and additional contributions to the ski and snowboard industry. Including organising the annual Morrow Jam competition which Rob delivers at The Snow Centre each Autumn.

“With OVER 10 years in the current building – Trina (my wife) and I were shovelling the snow about in the new building so the piste basher could get in before The Snow Centre even opened. In addition, both of us have been working on site continuously since 1992. We were the first snowboard instructors at Hemel Hempstead and still love teaching.”

Head of The Snow Centre’s Snowsports School – Peter Gillespie

Another of Hemel Ski Centre’s Ski Instructors, The Snow Centre’s now Head of Snowsports, Peter Gillespie has had a number of roles at The Snow Centre and is also a respected figure further afield within the ski industry. Not only has Pete represented Ireland at the world congress of Snowsport instructors (Interski) on three occasions, he’s also a former Instructor trainer/examiner for BASI (British Association of Snowsport Instructors and a current Educator / examiner for IASI (Irish Association of Snowsport Instructors) but loves his work at The Snow Centre and has always been committed to making The Snow Centre one of the UK’s best snowsports work places.

“Having enjoyed a very varied and international snowsport career it is such an honour to put some of my experience back in to my home facility. I virtually grew up on the original dry ski slope and was part of the big transformation from plastic slope to real snow slope. The Snow Centre is a fantastic facility and I work with a great Team, it’s a privilege to be involved.”

Health & Safety Manager – Jade Campion

Jade Campion, The Snow Centre’s Health and Safety Manager has progressed from working in the dry slope’s reception, to the centre’s Edge Bar & Kitchen (which is now The Lodge), before eventually training with The Snow Centre and studying in her own time to become the experienced Health and Safety Manager she is today. A unique place to work in the health and safety field, Jade’s role at The Snow Centre is an important one and requires specialist knowledge.

“I love working at The Snow Centre as it is like having a large extension to my family! I’ve always wanted to be part of both the dry ski slope and The Snow Centre and have loved seeing the business grow from strength to strength. I will continue to help improve the exemplary safety record that we currently hold whilst helping The Snow Centre’s guests make memories on the snow.”

HR Manager – Debra Aikman

The Snow Centre’s HR Manager, Debra Aikman worked at the Hemel Ski centre as HR & Admin Support and later at The Snow Centre became the centre’s HR Manager.

“Having been part of The Snow Centre since it’s conception I have really enjoyed watching it grow and I'm very proud of what we have achieved. We have a fantastic facility and the best team.”

Product Manager – Ashley Moulding

Ashley Moulding was a ski instructor at the age of 15 at the dry slope, Hemel Ski Centre. When The Snow Centre was built he took the role of Rental & Slope Patrol Manager, while still teaching as an instructor. In years to come Ash became The Snow Centre’s Product Manager, where he uses his ski industry knowledge to ensure The Snow Centre can deliver the best possible experiences on snow to as many adults and juniors as possible via appropriate, Lessons, Lift Passes and on-snow Sessions.

“Ever since I started skiing, I was hooked, the freedom and exhilaration you feel from it, coupled with the serenity and beauty of being in the mountains is like no other. I would like everyone to be able to experience this no matter what age and having taught 3-year olds right up to 80-year olds it is never too late to learn. By working at The Snow Centre I feel I have been able to help 1,000s of guests experience the awe of snowsports themselves.”

Operations Team Member & Senior Slope Patroller – Ross Griffiths

Ross joined The Snow Centre in 2009 just after the centre opened, as a slope patroller and rentals technician. Since then, he’s become a Rentals and Slope Team Leader, worked on the Park Team, and is now a Slope Duty Manager and Senior Snowboard Coach.

“I’ve enjoyed working at The Snow Centre because I get to meet and work with lots of really great people and inspire others to share in the same passion as me.”

For more information on roles at The Snow Centre, visit The Snow Centre's Join Our Team Page.

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